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Birds know no boundaries of course, and if you want to go safely bird-watching on your own, there are several areas of river and forest outside the sanctuary, within easy walking distance of the homestay, or via taxi, bus.

Bird watching

Wild life photography

Wildlife tour (package)

Bamboo rafting


Visiting elephant training centre

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Tribal village walk

Many more...

One of our most popular activities is to go out at dusk with vinod and his colleague on a paddled bamboo raft (or country boat) on to the river Periyar and to drift noiselessly into its secluded waters. In the utter peace and quiet, the opportunity to see bird life is enhanced, and there is a very good chance of spotting elephants coming down to the water's edge to bath and drink. Hearing these magnificent beasts calling across the hills in the gathering dark is an unforgettable experience. And there is a nice place for swim.

The Cost

The daily cost of the room is Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 5,500/- it includes delicious traditional home food- breakfast, lunch, dinner,tea, coffee.